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                 GJK IMAGES. 

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BOOKS in which GJK is written about :

DIARY OF A WAR ARTIST, by Edward Ardizzone (published in 1974)

photo on left is with Artizzone signing his book for Geoffrey standing behind him.

MONTY, The making of a General 1887-1942.

by Nigel Hamilton. (published in 1983).

MONTY, Master of the Battlefield 1942-1944 by Nigel. Hamilton.

(published in 1983)

IN THESE TIMES, by Bernard Levin,  (published in 1986).


(published in 1988 ).

WATCHING MONTY, by Johnny Henderson  & Jamie Douglas - Home. (published in 2005)

ANNABEL, an unconventional life, by Lady A Goldsmith,

(published in 2004).

ANNABEL GOLDSMITH, No invitation required,

(published in 2009).

GET ON WITH IT, A memoir, by Algy Cluff.

(published in 2016.)

BY THE WAY,  by Algy Cluff. (published in 2019)


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GJK   in the      photograph



.       GJK    IMAGES.        GJK is far left,back.               Luneburg 1945


 Lt. Col. Geoffrey John Keating , MC  


 Famous 2WW Official War Photographer for the British Ministry of Information, War hero, head of AFPU (army film & photography Unit, 8 th Army ). Highest rank Lt.Col, Decorated MC for bravery, Tobruck 1941.Armed only with a camera from the outbreak of war to the end, Full circle.

 (pre & post Dunkirk), Norway, Middle East , (Crete, Greece,Western Desert, Syria, Salerno, Anzio,) and later capturing images through Europe, from Normandy until the German surrender at Luneburg in 1945 of which he witnessed. ."When War broke out in 1939 just one Army Photographer GJK, and one camera man Harry Rignold accompanied the British Expeditionary Force to France." (ref: IWM.)   GJK saved Taormina unarmed in Sicily, as written in Edward Artizzone's book "Diary of a War Artist " who was with him,( & newspaper cuttings/references.)

GJK took many images of General Montgomery, Churchill,

General De Gaulle, and many other leaders /Generals personalities of war time aswell as being on the front line.

He was a key figure in the Desert Rats. ( see photograph of the Desert Rats by the "Crusader" (8thArmy weekly) "Dersert Victory hailed film of War" showing heads of 13 Desert rat cameramen. GJK is 5th from left.

 [ Desert Victory (1943) a film formed almost entirely from AFPU footage, won an Academy Award best documentary in 1943.]

The Imperial War Museum,London has hundreds of thousands of images he took during the war. These images are in many folders in their archives that currently unseen to the public .

Born and educated in London, of Irish parents

GJK started out in journalism & photography Daily sketch Fleet Street, in the early-mid 1930's London.

Photography of Olley Air view of first air travel, etc,

 various famous personalities / stories of the time). So when the 2WW broke out with his knowledge of photography he was sent to be the British Army's Official War Photographer.

After the War  GJK  was employed by British Petrolium (previously AIOC) from 1946-1974. Head of BP Public Relations , "Special duties " , Photography, & working in the field. Firstly in Tehran for 5 years, then based in London form his home , 3 kings yard  W1. opposite Claridge's; which was at the time BP's outpost. From there he made very regular visits to the Middle East & spoke fluent Arabic.

He made an unparalleled contribution to

Anglo- Middle East relations of that time in history.

GJK left behind an extensive Photographic Archive of the Middle East from 1951-74.

The UAE archive showing images of the early years , with noteably His Highness Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi and his visits to Scotland.

Other Middle East images of Beirut, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ciaro, Yemen and Jordan remain in his photography archive. Aswell as personalities & places in Europe and UK of the 1960-1980. 

GJK captured images on his Rolliflex camera, he didn't take lots of photographs at once, they were thought out , and no images were taken twice in the same moment.

Upon his retirement from BP in 1974 age 60, he started a property business , Barcley Consultants ,which brought property in central London (ahead of its time in those days)

GJK had a natural talent for dealing with people and bringing people togeather.  With his vast knowledge & contacts he was able to advise politicians , diplomats,  leaders and the like, until the end of his life. This was on a very broad scale across the Midddle East to UK, Washington, Moscow, to Dublin.

He died at 3 Kings Yard aged 66.

He left behind a daughter Rima & wife Suzy.

He was extreamly brave , ahead of his time , very generous & funny and led an extraordinary & colourful life, he was also a strong believer in his Catholic faith. He had homes in Norfolk, London & Tuscany, all of which are no longer.

His photography remained his passion throughout his life.

All that is left is an unparalleled photographic archive,

which is truely spectacular,

and many stories from people who had met and loved him.


"  Apparently he liked to be called  An Irish adventurer ; i would also call him an International man of mystery  !  "    Rima